My name is Honey. This is a place for me to have a personal website and learn a little bit of HTML.

I got my theme from Repth and most of these graphics from Bonnibel's Graphics


Thank you for visiting! Unfortunately, this site (started 4/25/2022) is severley under construction.

Feel free to have a look around! You can find out a little bit about me on my About page, read my thoughts on what I have read or watched lately in my Reviews page, check out some links in Resources, or read some of my old poems on the Writing page. I am currently working on a Magical Girl Raising Project megashrine because it's a light novel series with very cute character design that deserves more love! However, it is not quite ready yet.

It's so embarassing how neocities keeps track of how many times you update your site. Let me be bad at HTML in peace! lol.


(4/28)Created and started work on my Magical Girl Raising Project megashrine.

(4/27) Updated "Resources" page. Added and updated "Writing" page. Updated "Reviews" page. Learned what hotlinking is, uploaded almost all of the graphics I use to my site's images folder, and redirected all image sources to there so I could stop accidentally wasting other people's bandwidth (oopsie).

(4/26)Added and updated "About" page. Added "Resources" page. Added and updated "Reviews" page.

(4/25) Created Site.


What do I even put in this little box